Refund Policy


TPID does not offer refunds or exchanges of passes purchased on the TPID Web site. However, our contracted photographers may, in their sole discretion choose to provide you with a refund. We want you to be 100% satisfied and happy with your purchase. If you are having any issues or have questions, please contact the contracted photographer listed in connection with the mall or school location where your pass is scheduled for. If you cannot attend your appointment time we strongly recommend that you contact the contracted photographer prior to your appointment window, as they generally may not issue refunds or provide exchanges after the scheduled window.


TPID only provides your printed confirmation pass through this website. TPID does not mail any passes to your mailing address. Please remember to bring your pass with barcode to the mall or school location you selected. You must present it when you arrive at the location designated for your session.  Certain TPID partner photographers may require that you present the actual credit card used to purchase passes on TPID and the number printed on the card must match the number used for your transaction. Also, please be prepared to present your picture ID.


TPID is a scheduling service and coordinates the sale of passes on behalf of our photography and mall/school partners. TPID does not set prices, determine session availability times, or control session availability and inventory.